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ThiDri Riding Apron | Made in the UK

The Great British Product for the Great British Weather

ThiDri Riding Apron

The ThiDri Riding Apron not only keeps you dry
but warm and clean too.

“The Great British Product for the
Great British Weather”

Our philosophy is simple; we want you to be warm and dry when riding whether you are happy hacking for an hour or two or out all day in the fields with varying weather conditions.


The ThiDri Riding Apron has been developed in Shropshire, United Kingdom to keep horse rider’s legs dry, clean and warm in wet weather.  ThiDri Riding Aprons offer an alternative to the waterproof trouser for the equestrian market.


Worn around the waist and held in place, with leg straps, the ThiDri Riding Apron protects both the rider and the saddle from getting wet when galloping and jumping yet it is does not impede you mounting and dismounting.

The ThiDri Riding Apron is made from modern cotton fabrics, lined in cotton or fleece making them very warm and cosy for winter use.  Currently the ThiDri is available in the following colours: Beige (lighter colour) or  Sand/Tan. Bespoke sizes and colours can be catered for so if you would like a different colour ThiDri Riding Apron we would be very happy to discuss your requirements so please do get in touch. 

Currently available in two sizes for adults: medium and large and two sizes for children: small and medium.  

We are pleased to annouce that a new Teenage size has been added to our website which will hopefully bridge the gap between children and adult sizes. 

Further information is available on our FAQ page and look at the gallery for product images. 

What size should I order?
All ThiDri Riding Aprons are fully adjustable at the waist and thigh area.

UK sizing:


·       Adult Medium (Unisex)

        Sizes 8 – 14 Ladies or Medium for a gentleman -   leg length, waist to knee, approx. 74cm

·       Adult Large (Unisex)

        Size 14+ Ladies or Large for a Gentlemen - leg length, waist to knee, approx. 76/78cm

·      Teenage size approx. 12- 15 years old or small adult (leg length, waist to knee, approx. 65cm) 


·        Children Small approx. 4- 7 years old (leg length, waist to knee, approx. 48cm)

·      Children Medium approx. 8- 11 years old (leg length, waist to knee, approx. 54cm)

​​If you have a specific size in mind please contact ThiDri Riding Aprons and we can see what we can do to accommodate you.
Either: email Thi-dri-shop@hotmail.com or call : 07305 088896  and we will get back to you. 


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